Klaus (TV)

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Aktor: Joseph Morgan
(Eps. 2.19 onwards)
Matt Davis
(Eps. 2.17-2.19)
Status: Żyje
Wiek: 1,000+
Oczy: Niebieskie
Włosy: Blond
Gatunek: Wampir/Wilkołak
Pierwsze pojawienie: Klaus
Know Thy Enemy
(in Alaric's body)

The main antagonist for Season 2, Klaus' name is first metioned by Rose in the episode 'Rose' when she encounters Stefan at the boarding house, telling him that he is coming for Elena. In the following episode, 'Katerina', she is called to the boarding house and Rose explains that Klaus is the real deal. In 'By the Light of the Moon', Elijah reveals to Elena that Klaus is a recluse and he promises to keep her friends safe and they will lure Klaus out together. When he releases Stefan from the tomb he compels Katherine to keep her from leaving, but after he dies she gets out.

In 'Know Thy Enemy', the moonstone falls into the wrong hands when Katherine finds it in Damon's bathroom and Isobel betrays her so that Maddox can take it. At the end of the episode, Katherine awakens in an apartment to find someone seated before her and Maddox performing a spell while blood is drained into the person's body. The person soon gets up and it is revealed to be Alaric. She tries to escape but her exit is blocked by a seal. Alaric approaches her and greets her in Bulgarian and she realizes that he is being possessed by Klaus. In the following episode, 'The Last Dance', Klaus compels Katherine to continuously stab herself in the legs and tells her that Elijah must remain dead. At the school, he compels a student to get her to ask if Elena is going to be at the school dance and later that evening he dedicates a song to her.

He also compels some students to attack Jeremy and Stefan and Damon are attacked when they try to rescue him. Elsewhere, Klaus confronts Bonnie and Elena, but Bonnie ends up fighting him before he disappears. Elena initally thinks she's dead, only for Damon to reveal that she had to fake her death to make Klaus believe that she was truly dead. In the following episode, 'Klaus', it is revealed that he and Elijah are half-brothers and that Klaus is actually a vampire/werewolf hybrid. During a ritual at the end of the episode Klaus is released from Alaric's body and is glad to finally be back.

In 'The Last Day', he approaches Damon and Damon and Alaric at the Grill and despite Damon's attempt to stop the ritual from going ahead, Klaus tells him that it will happen that even. Klaus later returns to Alaric's apartment and compels Katherine to remove her bracelet and stand in the sunlight. He soon tells her she's had enough and orders her to do something for him. Later, Damon confronts Klaus and is knocked out by him. Katherine revives him with a blood bag and reveals that she was ordered to lure Jenna out so that she can be used in the sacrifice. Damon asks why Klaus did not choose him and she shows him his arm, which has a werewolf bite on it.

In 'The Sun Also Rises', he arrives at the quarry to find Jules, Jenna and Elena there. He kills Jules by ripping out her heart and then kills Jenna by staking her after she completes the transition into a vampire. Stefan is also staked but is left alive.



Joseph Morgan

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